The oldest district of Athens, Plaka, characterized by monuments of all time, showing that here the heart of the city, beats, from ancient times up to today: Many small orthodox churches and a mosque, a Turkish hammam, the first university of modern Greece, the Roman Forum, constitute the cultural mosaic of the city. And after touring through its narrow streets, don’t forget to enjoy a glass of wine in one of the many taverns under the “Holy Rock” of Acropolis!



“The Plaka is one of the most attractive areas of Athens.”


Built by the slopes of the Acropolis, Plaka attracts its visitors, Greeks or foreigners. Its neoclassical mansions and houses with red tiled roofs, small uphill streets with stairs, balconies with bougainvilleas, geraniums and jasmine, are those characteristics that captivate people to lost in the small and narrow streets.

Plaka is mentioned several times in Greek literature as the neighborhood of the Gods, and that's because over Plaka dominated by the sacred rock of the Acropolis and the gods.

Plaka even today is romantic especially some sunny winter days without crowds of tourists going up and down the stairs. The Athenians enjoyed the sunshine especially in the cafes of Hadrian Road near the Stoa of Attalos, Filomusi Square and Thissio overlooking the Ancient Agora and Acropolis.

As a main tourist attraction of Athens, Plaka has many tourist shops mainly shops of Greek art and images, fur shops and jewelry stores.

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