A nature lovers island

Combining the charm of the mountain landscape, the exotic sandy beaches and the beautiful pebbled coves with mild tourism development without extravaganzas, is a paradise for families, but also conceals small romantic surprises for couples.

This is Thasos!



Visitors have the opportunity to do a daily round, but will hardly abandon it if do not dive in the turquoise crystal clear waters and if do not enjoy the evening dew in the traditional mountain villages.

One of the most fascinating elements of the island are the trees (cedars, oaks, olive trees, pines) resting on the endless beaches. In Thassos you arrive by boat departing from the ferry of Keramoti in Kavala.


“In spring Thassos is full of colors and fragrances and is worth for strolls in the lush hinterland. During summertime walks in the green nature, are combined with diving in the crystal clear waters.”


Geography and climate

The island of Thasos is located in Northern Greece, across the coast of Eastern Macedonia. The island is lush and the wood is one of the main income of Thasos inhabitants. Other business activities are the marble mining, tourism, oil, olives, honey etc. Olives, pine trees, fir trees, linden, cedar, dogwood and other domestic and wild trees cover the small plains up to the mountain tops.

The climate of Thasos is temperate, cool in summer and mild in winter.



Honey and olive oil are the two most famous products, that produced here since ancient times. Thasos was and remains a beekeeping and oil production center. Try the varieties of pine and flower honey. Thasos wines are also very known and the most famous one is the Limnia variety. Finally, you can taste sweets, and particularly walnut and fig.



Whatever is your budget, Thasos will satisfy you and your tastes. You can choose either of the five-star hotels and villas, or just a room or furnished apartment. Everything is here for you, from swimming pools and poolside bars with a view of the sea in a well-tended garden, to water spas and restaurants.


Top attractions


Archaeological Museum

A Kouros statue of 3.5 meters high, sculptures, statues, coins, plaster figurines of various periods and amphorae are some of the exhibits from the 7th BC until the 7th AC century, which hosted at the museum, where you will get a taste of the institutions, life and customs of the people in antiquity.


Ancient Market

The excavations between 1948 and 1955 brought to light the remains of the Ancient Agora (religious, cultural and political center in ancient times) on the northeast side of Limenas, close to the Archaeological Museum. Here you will see the ruins of the Temples of Theagenes and Zeus and Artemis.


Ancient Theater

The ancient theater is located in Limenas, and is dated back to the 5th BC century and has panoramic sea views. In Roman times was used for gladiatorial contests and today (after reconstruction) hosts ancient drama during the summer months.




Located 12 km. from Limenaria, the Castle is the oldest settlement on the island, who revived in recent years and entered the tourist map. From here, you can take the road to the famous waterfalls in the island.


Museum of Olive and Olive Oil

Rich photographic material and exhibits (such as an old and a modern olive press) demonstrate the ways, in which the production of olive oil was taking part over the years, as at the same time information is provided about the history of the olive tree varieties that grow on the island. The museum is located at the 14th km. of the road Limenas-Prinos.


Folklore Museums

There are three folklore museums in the island.

The first one is located in Limenaria and established on the initiative of the cultural association of the Castle village. It hosts from costumes and textiles up to tools, a distillery etc. exhibits around the tradition of the island. The second is located in Theologos village, in the mansion of Metaxas Chatzigiorgis, and presents old coins, wine press, traditional cauldron, photographs etc. The third one is located in an old captain house at Kallirachi village and presents old furniture and details from ships and boats. There, you get the feeling as if time has stopped.



The most beautiful mountain village of the island, is built on a slope at an altitude of 350 m. and is divided into two main settlements, the big and small. It is one of the best places in the island for hanging out and enjoy the coolness under the trees at the stone square.



Most are sandy, and the most popular organized -with fine sand inside and outside the waters- are Makryammos, Golden Beach and Paradise beach. Near Makryammos there is a gravel road that leads to bright-white beach, Marmaras beach. It looks like tropical,  with turquoise waters, hard to find in Greece.

If you feel like an explorer, is worth to get to the beach of Kalami and continue towards to Giola, a natural swimming pool with views of the Athos peninsula. To get there, you have to follow the gravel road from Kalami, either on foot or by car, and then the path that passes through the  fields with the olive trees.

One of the most over crowded beaches is the Pachis beach, with marvellous  turquoise waters, and the Nysteri beach, where apart from restaurants and hotels there is a and camping. Psili Ammos beach is the favorite of the youth.

One of the most beautiful beaches is Alyki, with emerald waters and is located next to the Pebble cove of Kionia.


Time Zone

Thasos and generally all Greece are in the Eastern European Time Zone (Greenwich Mean Time plus two hours during daylight saving time, all over the year).




In Thasos and throughout Greece, the euro is the standard currency. This converterallows you to determine the value of other currencies compared with the euro.

Of course, there are so many places where you can exchange your currency for euro such as Banks, Currency exchange offices etc.



Thasos are a popular holiday destination and generally a quite safe place for visitors. Use common caution and be careful when walking around after dark and you won't face any problems while staying there.


Staying Connected

Power sockets in Greece deliver 220-240 volts at 60 hertz, and you may need a converter to use your electrical and electronical devices here.

If you have a laptop or a tablet with you, wireless Internet is available throughout Thasos, including in many hotels, coffee shops, etc. At some locations, you have to pay for WiFi.


Local Laws

The drinking age in Thasos —and throughout Greece—is 18, and smoking is banned in public places throughout the Town, including bars, restaurants, Public Transport and taxis. Cigar smoking is permitted at cigar bars that register with the Town. In Thasos, those who are 18 or older can purchase tobacco and cigarettes.

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