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Who we are

We are a team of people with one common passion: Our love for Greece, its culture and civilization. We decided to create www.linkgreece.com, a rough guide about Greece and the Greek islands in order to share this passion with you.


Our mission

Our mission is to promote the beauty of Greece, our History, our Culture and Civilization, to establish a network of knowledge around the world and to help people choose their dream destination.

We propose high quality travel services to assist people organize their holidays in the best way.


LinkGreece.com proposes:


  1. Hotel and Accommodation

  2. Car rental

  3. Villa rentals

  4. Yacht rental

  5. Weddings Group travel Cruises

  6. Exclusive entertainment

  7. VIP services


Our target is to offer the best quality of travel services at the best prices.


LinkGreece.com offers a comprehensive guide to the top locations in Greece and the Greek islands. An easy guide with General Information, History, Things to do and Maps.

Our goal is to create a unique guide for Travel, Culture and Business, about Greece and our civilization.


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